Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Psst - sale starts early!

If you aren't in Melbourne I am sorry to disappoint, but if you are listen here.

I went in to Myers today to look for some T-shirts. My three favourite T-shirts (which are all MATERNITY ones from TARGET because I am so CLASSY) are very much the worse for wear. I haven't been able to part with them because aside from their age they are perfect. Light weight cotton with enough lycra to have stretch but not so much as to have no structure. They fit me really well - tighter up top and looser down below, V-neck with short and flattering shaped sleeves.

For two years I have been searching for replacements in vain. Don't get me started.

Anyway, since I am going to the beach on Boxing day I had reached the end of my tether and was all up for some compromise to save me from looking quite so much like a sad old lady wearing badly aged maternity Ts with my shorts.

And can I tell you? All the boxing day sale merchandise in the plus size section (now on level 2 Lonsdale during the store renovations) has already been marked down. The sales chick told me they don't have time to do everything on sale day and there isn't that much business up there in the few days before Christmas so they just go ahead and mark everything down early! I'm not a big fan of the sales - can't stand the crowds and never find anything great - but now I think I've just never started early enough.

Showing unbelievable restraint I looked only at T-shirts (well, and bras, but that's a whole other post) and ended up buying 5, all at half price or less. And I could have bought more! Basic run of the mill stuff by Regatta, Yarra Trail and the like, slightly more groovy stuff by Urbane and Piper and some really cool designer stuff by Mink and Estelle were all well discounted, basics as well as more hit and miss lines. There were also lots of dresses, pants and all the rest. Not that I was looking. One top I bought was not shown as marked down, but they still took 50% off at the register.

So if you can squeeze the time out of Christmas eve and you are in the market for some new clothes, head on down.

And guys - will someone please do us some posts here? Large needs some author support!


RobynK said...

Thanks for the info on good labels. I will see if I can find any here in NZ. Enjoying your blog.

Janet said...

oooh, I wish I had time to pop into myer this afternoon... good tip for nect year though

Cosy said...

Unfort, in Adelaide, our sales don't start till Saturday (I think!).

Such a helpful and lovely blog!

The link to Blest was a lifesaver. Bras are the bain of my life but I've found the best bras through Blest. Who would have thunk it? Getting well fitting bras through the mail!

Happy Christmas Sooz!


Serena said...

Hey Sooz, I'm about to start adapting a Vogue pattern for a bridesmaid dress for a bigger size. I'll keep a record of what I do, and perhaps that could be a post for this AMAZING blog (thanks for starting it, I've found so many great shops from it)

trasha said...

Oh why, oh why, oh why didn't I find you BEFORE I left Aust? I went through the (for me) saga of shopping with my sister and mother at various points and being directed into shops where everything turned into an XXL at size 14 or where it was suitable for (an admittedly groovy and fashionable) grown-up's mother.

Oh wail, gnash teeth, curse the gods!