Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shopping by body type

So a friend of mine who is in search of a dress for a special occassion has been spending quite a bit of time looking for ideas on line.

Now I don't wear dresses much (recent sewing notwithstanding) since I spend most of my time running around after children, doing domestic chores and generally being a graceless slob, but I so think a good frock can look stunning. I also think a badly chosen frock can make you look really awful.

Anyway, she found that the large US retailer Nordstrom has a really excellent feature for their online dress shop - that capacity to search by body type (see the drop down menu on the right hand side half way down the screen). You can also search by plus size or garment type.

I don't have plans to buy anything from Nordstrom any time soon, but I think this is a fantastic way to think about garments and feel a little more confident that the dress you like might suit you. I haven't explored the site in detail but my guess is we'll be seeing more and more of this kind of thing, assisted shopping. Anyone else know of other retailers or sites that offer similar features?


katey said...

My Virtual Model has a configurable virtual "you" that you can dress in a variety of brands and styles.

It's actually really neat. I first saw it on the Levi's site (it seems to be gone now) and also on LandsEnd (also gone from there).

Arielle said... and require measurements, IIRC but same concept.

Tanya said...

great, I want a plus size speical occasion outfit too, thanks.