Wednesday, April 29, 2009

boots for freakishly large calves

Like many women with larger than average calves the hunt for a winter boot has been exhausting, disappointing and humiliating. I have tried on so many pairs of boots I couldn't zip up that I have resorted to simply wearing trousers all the time.

Over the last few weeks I have had this conversation with many other women, lots of whom are not particularly 'large' but still don't manage with conventional fittings. There has been lots of moaning and frustration. I have one friend who bought lovely and expensive boots and paid lots of money to have them altered. She's happy with the result, but that's a nerve wracking exercise and a bit of a financial risk for many.

But after sewing two really nice skirts last weekend I decided I just couldn't stand it anymore and spent yesterday in a last ditch effort to get me some boots.

It should be said that quite aside from the calves issue, I am pretty fussy about shoes. I walk a lot and I am big - my feet get a real work out and most shoes just aren't up to the challenge. I want style but never at the expense of comfort and durability. I don't like lace ups or overly manish shoes (except elastic sided boots which I wear all the time when not at work), I don't wear heels and almost always I prefer leather. My foot is broad so I prefer squarish toes.

My criteria is long I know, but none of it seems exactly out there to me. Sensible, reasonable, dare I say almost too obvious.

Anyway, here's what I have to say - I found my boots. They are made by Kumfs, a New Zealand brand which makes a really excellent range of shoes for people like me. There are plenty of daggy models in their range I won't pretend otherwise, but more and more I find stuff of theirs I like. Oh and that cowboy spur bit is completely removable! But they make two calf fittings (so sensible - why don't more boot makers do it??), so they fit me very well.

Now all I have to do it find some good larger size footless tights - can anyone give me a tip??


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great boots! Several years ago I lucked into a pair of tall boots from a Canadian company whose name I can't remember. I too had gone through years of looking for boots that would fit my legs, and had one pair ruined by an inept shoe repair place when I tried to get the shaft enlarged. But recently I ran across the web site for Boots for Broads
Haven't tried any yet but those red cowboy boots look pretty snazzy!

Michelle said...

Kumfs and Birks are all that I wear. I have a foot disability so find it hard to find comfy shoes. And while Kumfs are expensive, they last. I have had the same pair of winter maryjanes for 3 years now, and I'm only now looking at putting them into sem retirement (mainly because I'm bored).

I have heard great things about Boots for Broads. They are here in Canberra, and I'm thinking of heading to the markets to get a measurement done for some. Need to make sure they are comfy first though.

Footless tights -

froginthepond said...

Thank you! I have the same criteria for shoes and boots and I hate shoe shopping as result.

I might make the trip over to the Kumfs in Sydney Rd (maybe). Otherwise, I don't mind paying full price for good, comfy shoes.

Heidi Ortega said...

Those boots are great! I work as a costume designer and getting tights for all figures can be a problem - i have found these 2 places and they are great!


I have been very pleased with them.
Hope this helps :)

Anne said...

I haven't ordered from here yet but I love browsing the selection:

FrumpyGibbon said...

Oh, those are a lovely boot! I must be getting old, because I've been eyeing off some of the stock in my local Kumfs lately and thinking "Oooh, that looks noice!"

Being blessed with fine, strong calves myself, I appreciate how exciting it is to find the perfect pair that will actually *fit*

For others who've commented, I've ordered from Boots for Broads and, it may just be my ineptness at measuring, but when I got them they were too big (probably my idiocy because I know others who've ordered and they were perfect). I contacted the company about mine and they offered a refund or a refit. They're currently with them being redone. Can't wait.

Zoe said...

That Canadian company would be, my athletically calved Canadian friend has some and says she can't wear other boots.