Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dressing room try on. yes? no? nup.

Greetings & salutations,
I'm kylie, and I should start by saying that I'm no super organised fashionista. I have a floordrobe, and wrestle with the question of what to wear on a daily basis.
Getting back to basics - something that I find handy is a digital camera, which gives a great unbiased look at how you look in something. Shown is a recent dressing room experience - it's kinda cute, but stayed in the (vintage, smith st melbs) shop.

One of the reasons why I signed up to contribute to large was after seeing the following from sooz:
In real life I find feedback and advice, inspiration and community invaluable but often limited. I want to see more images of big people looking good, I want some role models and some advice from people who are unafraid, practical and innovative.
So, it's going to be fun to do a little hunting!


Arielle said...

Finally, someone else who gets it. Though I am not plus sized nor do I live in Australia (rather, the Caribbean), I do NOT shop without my digital camera!!!

People around me keep mocking this but they just don't get it...

How are you going to see your backside if you don't see a pick. That bulge at your waist? the way your breast look compressed in that top?

Thanks for posting this and good luck with this blog, a great idea!

Another camera shopper

Suzie said...

Totally brilliant - I would never have thought to use a camera in a dressing room! Would also be good for remembering details of a fit for later reference - as in the colour or print was cack, but the bust detailing looked great.