Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more from my wardrobe

Not much news today, just a glimpse of what I was wearing as I rushed off to work this morning all fuzzy headed from a cold.

I am totally in love with this shirt. I made it from the latest Ottobre magazine (can't remember the issue number maybe 5/2008?), size 52. I like that the collar makes it look smart and a bit more professional, but the thick knit fabric is really comfy and T-shirt like. I like the print too. I bought the fabric at Joy's Fabric Warehouse in Geelong and apparently it is an run off from a designer. The pants are from TS 14+ and I like them too. I had to alter them a little to lower the sides of the waistband, but otherwise they are a good fit. The fabric has some stretch, but also the vertical stripe you can see is actually textural and contracts the fabric too (you can see it a bit at the hem line in the top photos).

The shoes are yet another pair of Josef Seibels bought from Mountfords - same brand as the red shoes in the previous post everyone liked so much. These are medium priced shoes that are built for comfort and durability (I walk a lot and that combined with my weight makes for hard wear on my shoes).


SueeeuS said...

You look great! I was wondering whether Josef Seibel shoes would be comfortable for long periods of time. I end up sticking with Keen and Merrell, and they're not a bit dressy.

Serena said...

I love that top.. I think I'm also going to have to subscribe to that pattern magazine.. Thanks so much for sharing... And thanks for setting up this blog.... It's already one of my must read blogs..

Mary said...

The top is great! I've made it in a solid and I love it.

Here's a link if you want to see a picture (I think I did a review at patternreview too).

I think wrap tops are really flattering.

Sally said...

Great top! I'd like one in a bright print for summer, there are some fun knit prints hidden along the back wall at Centrepoint fabrics in Newmarket, Auckland.

Pam in Colorado said...

The top is great. You look so pulled together and comfortable at the same time. I find that hard to do. I either feel good about the style or I'm comfortable.

I wear shorts all year round, but would like to add some skirts in once in a while. I have trouble finding tops I like with skirts. Especially since I like longer tops.