Sunday, November 23, 2008

Introducing Christy

An Introduction:

Hello out there! My name is Christy, otherwise known as MommaOnTheMountain. I have been married for years now, and we have 4 gorgeous kids ranging from 14 to 4. I have sewn crafty stuff and basic kids clothes for years. I started attempting to sew pants for myself last spring when planning a vacation. That went fairly poorly, and I didn’t take the pants I made with me.

When I first made the decision that I would like to be a contributor for this blog, I was excited…then nervous and a bit scared. I have had my own blog for nearly two years, and enjoy writing about all things family, crafty, and important to me. However the one thing that I rarely address is my size. I don’t like to talk about how hard it is to find clothes that fit right, and when I do they really are out of our family budget so once in a great while I will splurge.
I am going to write a four part series about sewing for myself. I have sewn things for my daughter (who fits standard sizes and is 6 years old) and have tried sewing pants for myself without much success. So my first order of business is to choose a pattern that that will best suit my body type. I truly want to find a pattern that will cover my backside all the way up to my waist, be wide enough in the legs to accommodate my thick legs (I am on the average an American size 22 waist with a size 26 leg) and be comfortable and look flattering. That is a tall order!
I have intermediate sewing skills, and look forward to a challenge. If you have any suggestions, I would welcome them! I have a Baby Lock Crafters Deluxe sewing machine, am about 30 minutes drive from a decent sized town, and 90 minutes drive from Portland, Oregon…so supplies aren’t too far off.

Here is my plan for postings with Large:

1. Pattern Choice (and all that encompasses)
2. Fabric decisions (function, price, and availability)
3. Sewing process (fumbles, foibles, and successes)
4. Final product and pattern review

I hope you will travel with me down this road, share your thoughts, provide tips, and offer advice. I don’t think that clothing oneself should be so darned difficult! Even though we are large, we are beautiful…and I don’t think we should ever forget that!
ta~ta for now!~


jessica said...

hello! nice to meet you.

zelda139 said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your pants sewing experience!

Pam in Colorado said...

Christy, this is fabulous. I think you will have fun here with the added bonus of helping many, many ladies in the world.

It would be nice if we were all smaller, easier to fit and in great health, but life doesn't always happen as we think it should. So... take what is and make it better. That is what you are doing. Kudos.

Carol in Denver said...

Hi, Christy, thanks for contributing to this blog. I am the same size as you (22) and LOVE Christine Jonson's #824 Taper and Wide Leg Pant pattern. It fits beautifully. It is designed for knits (cotton/lycra works well) but Christine says can be made from woven fabrics, too, if made in a larger size. However, the top of the size range of this pattern is 22.