Friday, November 14, 2008

investment pieces

I try and sew as many of my clothes as I can, and I tend to buy fairly plain and inexpensive clothes when I do shop. But every now and then, well once in every two or three blue moons, I buy something special.

Earlier this year I learned about Towanda, a shop full of amazing, gorgeous, interesting, edgy designer wear just for plus sizes. I had to check it out, just looking. Because, you know, that's expensive stuff.

I'd never been in a designer shop where anything fit me before and to be honest I was quite dumb struck. Racks and racks of clothes I had only ever dreamed about suddenly made real. Lack of sizing no longer an excuse I was really unsure how to proceed. Like a lot of plus size people I am used to buying what I can find to fit me rather than what I actually like.

When I tried on this top I was totally in love. It is made by the New Zealand brand Euphoria and is a light semi transparent top, hand screen printed across the front cross over panel. It goes with everything, can be worn over a long sleeve top in winter or a singlet in summer and feels totally great. When I wear it I feel like I am in designer duds. It was totally worth the high price tag. And even if you can't afford to shop there, anyone can look and get inspired by their amazing stuff.

edited to add: The pants are from TS14+. I love the hem detail and the way they make their trousers without closures that add bulk to the waist and tummy by clever cutting and good stretch fabrics. I buy most of my 'good/work' trousers there. The shoes are from Moutnfords and are made by Josef Seibel, my current fav in really good shoes that aren't totally out of the question on price. The black singlet under the nice top is from Target's organic cotton range (love that range).


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Nice shirt, yes, but what I REALLY love are those spiffy red shoes!

Columbia Lily said...

nice, I like.

Sally said...

Euphoria can be purchased in New Zealand at but sadly, not at their online store. I'm loving the shoes too!

JulieZS said...

Lovely lovely! Worth the price ,definitely. And how fabulous to find a shop with sizes you can actually try on. I do love those shoes too.

Daffodil Daze said...

Love love love the shoes!
Love the top too but the shoes *sigh*

froginthepond said...

The whole outfit is fabulous - I noticed the detail near the hem of the trousers. I'm coming across more NZ designers, though for kids, and it's quite edgy stuff.

kirsten said...

LOVE the detail on the pants hem.
LOVE. :)
[and that screen print is sensational, too!]